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At the age of nine, Jason Golding’s family moved to Grenada, Mississippi—a fisherman’s dream. Home to Grenada Lake—the largest lake in Mississippi—Jason could be found fishing at the spillway all year round. Two years later, he took his first whitetail deer at age 11 and was hooked on anything and everything outdoors from then on. All Jason could think about was hunting and fishing. It’s still all he can think about today.  


Jason has spent his life in the woods and on lakes testing out just about every product on the market, asking himself if they are cost effective, durable and efficient. Now, 25 years later, after trying to catch every fish, hunt every buck and chasing ducks like a mad man, they have turned that small convenience store into a 10,000 square foot, full-line sporting goods store and guide service.  The Lakeway Family now introduces you to Grenada Lake Charters:  a guide business with some of the most experienced crappie guides and over 50+ years of combined experience, lodging in our beautiful cabins tucked away in the woods just seconds from the lake, and delicious dining at The Slab Shack.  Just like you, they are always looking forward to the next fishing trip, and they cannot wait to have you here at Grenada Lake Charters!



We started building our lodging in 2013, when we saw the need for customers to have better lodging while visiting Grenada.  We now have 6 cabins to accommodate customers up to parties of 24.  This is the perfect setting for a husband and wife getaway, families, friends, honeymooners, or sportsmen.  We are seconds away from the nearest boat ramp, Wolf Creek.  If you are a golfer, we are minutes away from Dogwoods Golf course.  All cabins have walk in showers and the coziest sleeping arrangements!  Enjoy cozy private lodging while fishing at Grenada Lake.  


All of our food here at The Slab Shack comes fresh from our local grocery store, Spain's Supermarket.  Spain's has been in the Golding family for over 44 years and is now operated by Jason's brother, Tim Golding.  They have the freshest fruits and vegetables and high quality meats delivered daily.  Spain's keeps Grenada Lake Charters stocked with the best quality food to cook and serve our customers.  If you are in town visiting or here fishing with us, be sure to stop by Spain's and check out their food at unbelievable prices!  You can follow them on Facebook @Spain'sSupermarket for daily specials.  We promise you won't leave The Slab Shack hungry!  

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A saying that we have learned to live by over the last few years -- "Hunt the Fish".  If you are an avid fisherman or just wanting to learn the ropes of "livescoping", then you have found the right place. For years, we have studied the brains behind the Garmin Livescope and all Garmin electronics.  We have been a licensed Garmin dealer for 20 years.  We also are a licensed Garmin Installer.  If you are looking to learn about the Garmin Livescope, we can set up a custom package just for you.  We offer one on one training.  We will show you everything there is to know about the Garmin Livescope.  This has become a new way of fishing for us that we like to call "hunting the fish".  Come see what it's all about!


We have plenty of professional crappie fishermen ready to serve you here at GLC.  Most of our guides have at least 20 years experience in crappie fishing on Grenada Lake.  From Angler Qwest pontoon boats to Ranger boats to bay boats, our guides have an option for everyone!  All of our guides love taking couples and friends fishing, but one of their biggest joys would be showing young children how to fish.  They are excellent with children on the boats.  Some of our boats are also handicap accessible.  Interested in a training session on the Garmin Livescope?  They have you covered!  Come see what the fishing is all about here at Grenada Lake Charters!

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